SPAR University introduces caffeine gum for students

SPAR University introduces caffeine gum for students

First Energy Gum is now available this week at SPAR University stores located in colleges and universities. With final exams in full swing, students could use a brain boost. First Energy Gum contains a liquid core with 40 mg of caffeine, which is absorbed through the oral mucosa and provides extra energy and focus within 10 minutes.

SPAR University is the Grab & Go formula in Dutch student cities. The stores are located in high-traffic areas for commuters, students, schoolchildren, and city workers. First Energy Gum perfectly fits this formula by providing shoppers with a refreshing and, most importantly, quick energy and focus boost. The energy gum falls under the ‘functional gum’ category and offers a new alternative to coffee and energy drinks.

"Unlike coffee and energy drinks, First Energy Gum works faster because the caffeine is absorbed directly through the buccal mucosa. With coffee and energy drinks, caffeine is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, which can take up to 45 minutes for the effects to become noticeable. Additionally, chewing promotes concentration. Many studies have been conducted on chewing. Chewing is actually somewhat similar to walking; your heart rate increases slightly, which is important for the blood circulation in your brain. Your brain consists of gray and white areas that become more active through chewing, making the connections between these brain areas faster. Chewing doesn’t make you directly smarter, but it does make you faster. We advise: 'chew gum 20 minutes before, for example, your exam or training.' This not only makes you faster, but also improves your memory function," says Erik Scherder, Dutch professor of neuropsychology.

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