First Energy Gum from now on at Shell petrol stations. The refreshing energy boost on the go.

First Energy Gum from now on at Shell petrol stations. The refreshing energy boost on the go.

First Energy Gum is pleased to announce that it is now also available at as many as 210 Shell petrol stations along major roads in the Netherlands. The Netherlands' first caffeine-containing chewing gum has further extended its reach with this move. With this exciting partnership, FIRST brings energy directly to Shell Petrol Stations, allowing motorists and other travellers to start or continue their journey with a refreshing energy boost.

Why First Energy Gum?

FIRST is not just another energy product; it is an innovative, tasty and effective way to boost your energy levels. Two gums contain an optimized amount of caffeine for an immediate and sustained boost, while also providing fresh breath and a delicious taste. It is a convenient and tasty way to stay energized wherever you are.

About the partnership

The partnership between FIRST and Shell petrol stations is a perfect match, as both companies are committed to providing quality and convenience to their customers. Shell petrol stations are a trusted name for motorists and travellers around the world. We are delighted to make our product available to their customers.

Where to find

FIRST is now available at 210 selected Shell Service Stations. So, whether you're heading to work, planning a road trip or just need an extra boost, make sure you stop at a Shell station to grab your FIRST.

"We look forward to a successful partnership and are excited about the opportunity to provide even more people with the energy they need for their journey," said FIRST.

About First Energy Gum

First Energy Gum is a chewing gum with 40 mg of caffeine that gives you a clean energy boost, extra focus and strength within 10 minutes. It works for up to about 5 hours after use, contains only 4 kcal, 0% fat, 0% sugar, is gluten-free and vegan.

FIRST is a leading manufacturer of innovative energy products designed to give people the energy and focus they need to get the most out of their day. First Energy Gum has become a popular choice for energy-on-the-go, with a growing following of enthusiastic users nationwide.

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