Caffeine is a supplement used to improve performance. Especially in endurance sports, caffeine absorption has been found to have positive effects. But caffeine also appears to have a positive effect on reaction time. This is positive news for gamers!


Response time and Caffeine

Gamers make split-second decisions and make a lot of fast movements. So, good reaction speed when gaming is very important. In general, we can say that caffeine increases mental and physical energy levels, as shown by several studies. Caffeine consumption results in the following psychological experiences: an increased sense of energy, wakefulness, alertness, concentration, well-being, motivation, and self-confidence. In addition, caffeine has a positive impact on cognitive functions and performance. This performance is the result of a complex interaction of various cognitive and motor actions, from information perception, selection and processing to execution of an action. This requires hand-eye coordination as well as the speed at which muscles contract.


Energy Gum better than energy drinks while gaming

Energy drinks give a sugar crash after the boost, causing instant fatigue. Also, energy drinks work on the bladder resulting in frequent toilet visits. Not really ideal when you are in the middle of your game. In addition, energy drinks in large quantities are very unhealthy.

The advantage of Energy Gum is that the caffeine is absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth into the blood, so the effect is immediately noticeable. In addition, it is sugar-free and contains no taurines or aspartame. Finally, Energy Gum is easy to take and dose.

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