Every so often we get the question: Can I also use FIRST with activities other than sports?. The answer is plain and simple: Yes, because having energy plays a big role in multiple aspects of our life other than sports.



Athletes, but also pilots and party people

Recent study has shown that cyclists can output more energy after they have used caffeine. Besides athletes, there are also other people that could really benefit from a bit of extra stamina. Let's say, pilots and cabin crew fighting jetlags, or party people that just want to dance all night.


Entrepreneurs and freelancers that get up early

Chewing on Energy Gum improves your motivation. You will feel more inspired to get the job done with some caffeine in your system. Caffeine also has a positive effect on your mood.


Drivers, bouncers, construction workers 

Tests carried out by the American military proved that soldiers who took Energy Gum during extreme fatigue were able to execute their tasks more thoroughly. Are you driving a vehicle the whole day? Are you on your feet for a long time or do you have a very physically demanding job? Take Energy Gum!


Surgeons, students, and lawyers 

Caffeine chewing gum works within 10 minutes. This is because the caffeine is absorbed by your body through your mucous membrane. For those lawyers who still work on cases during late hours, surgeons performing surgery after surgery, or students that pull an all-nighter studying. They can always consider taking extra gum to give them the energy and focus they need.


Gamers and computer freaks

Energy drinks are immensely popular amongst today's youth. But energy drinks are not very healthy and all that energy drink makes you need to go to the toilet very often, which is not convenient when you're in the middle of a videogame, or when you're busy hacking your parents laptop. ;-)

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