FIRST is much more than a pre-workout

Quite often, we are being asked if FIRST can be used besides exercising. The answer, of course, is yes! Even though we position ourselves as a sports brand, mainly due to co-founder and face of FIRST Mark Tuitert, our ambition is much broader than just sports. The main ingredient in FIRST is caffeine, which is also found in coffee and energy drinks. These uplifting drinks are consumed at any time of the day, so why should our gum be any different.


The opinions of others

In order to give the most objective picture possible of other people's opinions of our gum, we have posted several reviews below. Before you start doubting, these are all real people who have given permission to appear in this blog by name and are neither paid nor sponsored to give these opinions.


Elite athletes

One of the reasons we started FIRST in sports, was to build support and acceptance for this new product category. The reasoning behind it was simple. When elite athletes use FIRST, that is THE proof that it works.


Tom Coronel - Race driver ""FIRST keeps me focused, even after 50 laps.""


Carlo Huisman - Volvo Ocean Race Team Brunel ""24 hours before the finish of the Volvo Ocean Race, the intensity was constantly building as we had the boat AkzoNobel near us. For a long time, we did not manage to really get away and we even lost the lead several times. To keep the focus and intensity high in those crucial last 6 hours in the fight with Akzo, we used FIRST.""


Jorina bass - ISKA welterweight champion kickboxing ""When I took the gum, I noticed an effect pretty quickly. I was more focused and could train harder. I noticed it especially during pads training 1-on-1 that I was very sharp and last longer.""


Pilots and cabin crew

In addition to athletes, other people also benefit from increased stamina. For example, consider pilots and cabin crew who need to combat fatigue and the well-known jet lags.


Koen Kuypers - Pilot at Emirates ""I really like to take FIRST during the long intercontinental flights. Too much coffee is laxative and I don't like energy drinks. Also, FIRST helps well against jet lag, it gives new energy to fight against the time differences.""


Maaike Loogman - Stewardess at KLM ""As a stewardess at KLM Cityhopper I do an average of 3 to 4 flights a day. FIRST gives me an extra boost to be able to welcome all passengers with a smile and make sure they lack nothing. And it's also convenient to carry in my trolley!""


Joost (Niki) Luysterburg - Royal Air Force fighter pilot ""Be effective: something that is always paramount in my work. Be effective under extreme circumstances, under stress, and when making difficult decisions. Decisions that always have big consequences. FIRST helps me stay sharp and focused. Even after a long day or night without sleep. Because perfection and top performance are my only acceptable standards.""


Lawyers and festival-goers

Many of the reviews we have received are about the extra focus and stamina. Due to the chewing and the caffeine effect, you experience a double focus. This benefits lawyers, among others. After all, they have to go through a lot of paperwork and usually work late hours. Festival-goers especially benefit from extra stamina. After all, hours of dancing and walking takes a lot of energy.


Kees Meijer - Lawyer ""When I want to take a nap due to all those files, FIRST get me back to it. I also do exercise regularly and it comes in handy there too!""


Joran Entjes - Festival-goer ""Drinking energy drinks all day at a festival doesn't really make me feel good, that's why FIRST is a good invention, and tasty too!

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