At the end of the day, we all want one thing... To feel satisfied knowing we got a lot done. 


But that's not easy. Too often we get tired and lose focus. With so many products that can give you a boost, it's hard to know which one will benefit you the most.

We make the choice a little easier by giving you 7 reasons why people are switching to FIRST.

1. We're fast. There are multiple ways to absorb caffeine into your body, and FIRST is the fastest way. The cheeks, gum tissue, and area under the tongue contain mucous membranes, which absorb the caffeine directly into the bloodstream without passing through your digestive system. In this way, the caffeine works five times faster. FIRST works in 10 minutes.

2. We deliver 0% shit. One FIRST contains as much caffeine as most energy drinks, but without all the added sugars and aspartame. You also don't suffer from a laxative effect like some experience when drinking coffee. Plus, with that rapid absorption we talked about above, the effects are even more significant.

3. We help you get better concentration. Want to stay alert and be able to react super fast? Chewing can help you do just that. Moving your jaws gets your blood flowing faster, which results in increased oxygen levels in the brain. Your brain will work better and your concentration improves.

4. We add time to your day. No more waiting at the Starbucks. No more drinking and then waiting 30 minutes for the caffeine to kick in. Chew your energy! You can easily carry FIRST and take it whenever you want. For example, during those annoying moments of slump at work.

5. We're all green. No, not in terms of the color of the gum, of course. Our caffeine comes from the green coffee bean! These coffee beans are hugely popular worldwide and for good reason! They improve your metabolism by stimulating your organs to work at their peak, resulting in weight loss.

6. We're not sloshing around in your belly. Whether you're running, driving, or flying, no one likes to have liquid sloshing through their intestines. Think of all the liquids you have to drink to get a (lesser) boost. Bah. Then think about what happens next... FIRST = less toilet breaks.

7. We're here for everyone. It's true. FIRST may have been developed by an Olympian athlete, but we're not just for athletes. FIRST is for anyone and everyone who wants to feel more alert, focused, and energized. It's for those who want to go the extra mile and achieve more every day. Whether you're running a marathon, running late for a meeting, or need to keep your kids busy, FIRST will help you!

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Hi Bob, onze gum werkt ongeveer 4 á 5 uur. Dit is afhankelijk van het lichaamsgewicht/lengte.

First Energy Gum

Ik heb een vraag of de totale werkingsduur van de caffeine. Normaal duurt hét ongeveer 6uur tot de caffeine je lichaam uit is. En je dus geen nadelige effecten meer ervaart met slapen. (Denk aan RLS)
Is dit bij de gum ook verkort omdat de opname versneld is?


Bob van harmelen

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