You probably hear it now and then, ""I really don't have any energy to exercise today"". Of course exercising can make you tired, especially when you do an intense or prolonged workout. But did you know that besides making you physically and mentally stronger, exercise gives you an extra energy boost? Often, it is precisely a lack of planning or motivation that is a blocker and keeps you from exercising enough. So make some timein that calendar of yours, and try doing one of these (or just all) workouts and boost your energy!


1. Put on walking shoes and go!

We know, it doesn't sound very exciting! Hiking is really a super relaxing way of exercising where you can restore your energy levels. Especially when done in nature, it increases your oxygen take in while boosting your mood at the same time. Finally, you can easily combine walking with listening to your favorite podcast!

2. HIIT it!

Although you will probably feel tired after High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), it is a very efficient and effective form of training. Go all-out, put those muscles to work and forget all your worries for a while. It makes you physically stronger in the longer term, is good for your heart, activates your metabolism, and takes less time than a cardio workout. And because of the high intensity, it's best to take 2-3 days of active rest after your workout (light activity will do just fine) and get plenty of sleep.

3. Chasing the wheel

As a novice cyclist, the intensity and distance will take some getting used to at first, but once you get on the bike regularly, you will no doubt be familiar with its destressing effect. Physically, you will of course get stronger and improve your fitness, but mentally, cycling can also give you a healthy boost. This is partly due to the production of the 'happiness hormone' Endorphins and perhaps also simply from just being outside for a while.

4. Namaste

Are you familiar with the 'Lotus pose' or the 'cat to cow' pose? With yoga exercises, you can relax completely by focusing on your breathing and movements. This brings you complete relaxation and also reduces the stress hormones in your body. In addition to making you stronger and more flexible, yoga also gives you more energy to spend on other things :)

5. Swimming

Probably not everyone is going to agree, but we think there is nothing more relaxing than diving into the water to swim laps for an hour. An added benefit is that swimming has little risk of injury. Oh yes, another tip - this is not officially to be called a workout - but taking an ice cold swim or shower is also definitely recommended if you want to boost your immune system and energy levels! If you would like to know more about this, we recommend that you check out the 'Wim Hof method'.

Now you!

In this blog, you read about five workouts you could do to feel more energetic, reduce your stress levels and get stronger both physically and mentally at the same time. In case you need some extra motivation to get started on that workout, grab a energy gum! Before you know it, you'll be setting a PR 😉

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