Caffeine is often immediately linked to coffee, but times are changing! FIRST is a new caffeine supplement in the shape of a chewing gum. We created FIRST, because you absorb caffeine much faster when you chew it. And although that’s already a pretty good benefit, there are five more reasons why you should be chewing your caffeine. Read about it in this blog!
  1. It’s facemask-proof

Chewing your caffeine with a mask on is so much easier. And, not just when you're on public transport. We also supply several doctors, nurses, and dentists with extra energy during long work days and nights. They like FIRST because they can keep their hands free during work and because it helps against a dry mouth. This is backed by researchers who found that, when you chew on sugar-free gum, you produce almost 10 times more saliva. That explains a lot!

  1. It keeps your dental health in shape

FIRST is a chewing gum that doesn’t ruin your teeth. The gum is made with xylitol, a sweetener that basically attacks the bacteria that cause plaque and caries. Chewing FIRST helps reduce the amount of plaque and helps prevent caries from forming. Also, fewer bacteria result in a fresher breath! Combined with the refreshing spearmint flavor, you’ll never have to worry about potentially unpleasant odors.

  1. It keeps you sharp

Looking for a way to be more alert and react faster? Chewing can help! Moving your jaws makes your blood flow faster, resulting in increased oxygen levels in the brain. Thus, making your brains work even harder. The benefits of this include better concentration, a faster reaction time and sharper memory recall. Not to mention, as your circulation speeds up, you’ll feel more alert and can stay awake longer if needed.

  1. It helps to reduce stress

Who knew! Chewing has a relaxing effect on your brain. It helps reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol. And of course, the rhythmic movement of your jaws can help you relax. Should you, when stressed out, suffer from nausea, chewing FIRST could also reduce those symptoms. The increase in saliva neutralizes stomach acid and calms the stomach. In other words, chew FIRST and stay zen.  

  1. It helps improve your eating habits
Chewing gum can help control cravings. In the first place, because you're less likely to combine a minty gum with a side of fattening snacks. But also because you are basically keeping your mouth busy. An easy solution when you're traveling or just chilling on the couch and trying not to eat every snack in sight :) - It's not like we don't all have those days….

Try it yourself!

There are some pretty cool benefits to both taking caffeine and chewing on gum. Put the two together, and you have a refreshing energizer that keeps you focused and alert for a long time. FIRST works within 10 minutes and is the energy booster to take before your training or race. 

Give FIRST a try!
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