Sometimes you have those days when you go from place to place and only have some personal time in the evening. What will you do then? Do you turn on the TV? Do you exercise? Or do you pick up a book? In this blog, we give you 5 book tips that will help you unwind and at the same time give you energy to get more out of yourself


Master your mindset

This book, written by Michael Pilarczyk, is about personal and spiritual growth as well as having business success. ""Live your best life"" sounds almost too good to be true, but with these tips and insights, which Michael connects to personal stories, you can learn a lot about your mindset and how it can affect your life. Through this book, you will start thinking about your dreams, any pitfalls, and also learn which thinking patterns will not help you move forward. Finally, it also includes a roadmap to strategize yourself so you can take steps to reach your goals.

Liking Things That Aren't Perfect

Written by South Korean Buddhist monk Haemin Sunim, this book is full of wisdom such as the quote ""True freedom is freedom from the fear of not being perfect."" Among other things, Sunim wants his book to teach you that it is okay to love yourself, that you should worry less about the opinions of others and that failure should actually be seen as a learning opportunity. Sunim writes from within, sharing personal experiences, and giving advice on how to put his tips into practice. It is a great book to read and it offers you good tools to get more out of life.

Focus on/off

If there's anything annoying, it's those moments when you want to work focused, but are constantly distracted by anything and everything. Not to worry! Mark Tigchelaar has written a book in which he helps you employ clever brain hacks to stop wandering off, get more done, shut yourself off better, and sleep better without being kept awake by grinding thoughts. The book focuses on 4 types of ""concentration leaks"" and provides you with valuable tips to avoid them. In other words, a super valuable book when you want to work more efficiently and save more energy for other adventures.

Thinking fast & slow

This is a book written by scientist Daniel Kahneman, in which he explains how we make decisions and especially how we arrive at ""bad"" decisions. In doing so, he discusses the two systems we use to process information and make decisions. He also explains the different biases using clearly defined theories. The book makes you more aware of your own thinking errors, but also gives good tips on how to correct them, which makes this book highly recommended when you could use more clarity.

The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

Do you like an easy-to-read book that contains a lot of funny anecdotes as well as clear information and tips? Then this book, written by Mark Manson, is for you. By the title you might expect something else, but Manson's main point is that you should only put energy into things that matter to you. Just as you might read in Sunim's book, Mark describes that by failing, you learn, and therefore grow as a person (but in a slightly different tone). By the way, should you not find it relaxing to read English books, you can also grab the translated version.

Extra energy for the taking

FIRST gives you energy that motivates you to get to work and these books give you the mental energy to sort out your thoughts, understand yourself better and therefore make better choices. Above all, keep investing in yourself, your free time, your mindset, and your future and make sure your energy level stays balanced!

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