Do you need more energy before a workout? Do you want to stay more focused during work or study? Do you need a ‘healthy drug’ during the festival-season? Are you going to isolate yourself studying hours for that one test? Or are you feeling that four o’clock slump at the office or behind the wheel? Then try and use FIRST for some extra energy and focus! Why? 

FIRST is a chewing gum with caffeine and B vitamins that is used to stay alert and to enhance your performances. It is immensely popular amongst professional athletes. They, and sports scientists, have already known for years that caffeine is extremely efficient. A lot of people don’t know that chewing gum is the best way for your body to take up caffeine. It is the perfect way to gain energy fast, without the cons that energy drinks or coffee have. Gum is very convenient to take before and during exercise, but also during other activities.


1.     FIRST increases your energy levels and boosts your metabolism 

First Energy Gum contains, besides caffeine, B vitamins. These vitamins help the energy management of your body and the functioning of your nervous system in several other ways. Another benefit is that the combination of caffeine and B vitamins helps you burn fats and carbohydrates. It also helps you to use your energy more efficiently and burn more calories as well.


2.     FIRST contains green coffee beans 

Green is the new brown, talking about beans of course. Green coffee beans are immensely popular globally, and that’s no surprise! Green beans improve your metabolism as they stimulate your organs to work to their full ability. In turn, this results in weight loss. They also have an anti-aging effect. Due to high levels of antioxidants green beans support the immune system, work as anti-inflammatories and optimize your arteries, blood circulation, and cholesterol levels. 


3.     FIRST is the perfect pre-workout 

FIRST is the perfect pre-workout! It is best to take FIRST 10 minutes before your workout or game and the energy boost lasts for over 5 hours! When you feel like you need more energy you can always take a gum. Be aware: the effect of caffeine is different for everyone, but with FIRST you are the director of your own dose.


4.    FIRST increases your stamina 

Sports scientists agree that caffeine improves your stamina, as concluded in many different types of research. Cyclists, for example, had a wider extension of energy during mass starts and ended up with better times in time trials.


5.     FIRST has a rapid absorption time & lasting effect 

There is a big difference in absorption-time between the caffeine in drinks and in the gum. The caffeine in energy drinks, coffee, and supplements are admitted to the body via the gastrointestinal tract, whilst the caffeine from energy gums is absorbed by the body via the mucous membrane in your mouth. This way, approximately 99% of all the caffeine is absorbed into your blood within 10 minutes, and not the approx. 45 minutes it takes for the other named products to absorb the caffeine.


6.     FIRST increases your motivation 

Motivation? That’s what you get from within, right? Totally right, but sometimes you just need that extra push to go out for your workout. FIRST can give you that push! It gives you that feeling to get off the couch and get active, and it also makes workouts much more enjoyable. Let’s goooooo!


7.    FIRST raises you up when your feeling down 

Tests carried out by the American military proved that extremely fatigue soldiers who took Energy Gum were able to execute their tasks more thoroughly than their colleagues who didn’t take Energy Gum. Feeling weary? Take Energy Gum.


8.     FIRST is gluten-free and vegan 

FIRST is a gluten-free product and therefore safe to use for people with a gluten allergy or intolerance of gluten. We also serve vegans, because FIRST is clean and vegan-proof.


9.     FIRST is sugar-free and only contains 5 calories per gum 

FIRST does not contain additional sugars, aspartame or acesulfame, and only contains 5 calories per gum. No more devious sugar lows, like the ones you can get from energy drinks. FIRST contains maltitol instead of sugar, which is collected from corn and wheat.


10. FIRST is antidoping 

Ever since 2004 caffeine may be used unlimitedly by professional athletes according to the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency. FIRST has been tested meticulously on the presence of doping-related substances, and is approved for use by the NZVT, which is he Dutch anti-doping authority.

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